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Do you have treatments or suggestions on vitamins/herbs to take to increase chances of fertility, or fix hormone levels?

We deal with infertility all the time. I would need to see you in the office so that we can do a muscle response test with the acupressure points, which will tell me where your energy is or is not and from there I can determine what to do in your particular situation.

As far as causes of infertility, it could be something as simple as an underlying bladder infection, a yeast infection for a woman, or a hormone imbalance. So I could nutritionally feed your hormones and immune system, do a yeast cleanse, clean up the bladder, or you may just need a liver cleanse.

For diet recommendations I would look into “Eat Right for your Blood Type” by Dr. D’Adamo. We’ve observed a lot of success with people that follow the Blood Type diet.  With all things health related, diet and supplementation go hand in hand. You would not want to be washing the front of your car while someone is throwing mud on the back  would you? You can find a wealth of knowledge about the Blood Type diet at http://www.dadamo.com/. Once you’re done there, stop by the office and we can help you really dial in your eating habits.

As far as supplementation goes, there are a lot of different routes we can take. It could be as simple as taking some Evening Primrose Oil or Black Cohosh to restore balance, Red Raspberry leaves and Dong Quai are also very good. Then we have more exotic formulas like Simplex F by Standard Process or FCS II and CX formulas from Nature Sunshine. We also have a great Feminine Formula from Solaray.  

It’s really difficult to speak in a general sense when talking about infertility because there are so many different possible causes and solutions that you really do need to see a qualified health professional to get any solid direction.  I can’t stress that enough. If you don’t come in to see me then please see someone, but if you're within driving distance then this would be a good time to say I take donations for office visits so cost is up to each individual. Make an appointment and we can get the repair process started.

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