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Ginger Bath - The fever reducer

 Rebbecca's Detox Bath

 Rebbecca's Detox Bath

Well friends it’s no secret Flu season is upon us and going full swing, ordinarily we are very blessed and miss out on most of whatever new bug going around has to offer. Unfortunately this time my 7 year old son Ever fell ill and has been bed ridden for the last few days. As you can imagine for a 7 year old voluntarily deciding to stay in bed for 3 days means that he feels pretty bad. Aside from the normal Flu stuff, nausea, aches and pains, loss of appetite, our little guy had a very high fever and this proved to be the most difficult aspect to get under control.  I wanted to share with everyone how we managed to keep Ever from the emergency room.

Ginger, I know super complicated right? To be more specific I used “Rebbecca’s Detox Bath”, this stuff is amazing at dropping a fever and generally detoxing the body quickly. Best of all it’s made from stuff you probably have around the house, Ginger, Sea Salt and Baking Soda.  You can use Ginger by itself in a warm to hot bath and it will work, any ginger is fine even the off the shelf stuff for baking from your local mega retailer but there is something about these three products together that really do the trick.

"The proof is in the pudding they say", we were able to drop his fever from as high as 104f back down to 101.5f or lower with a good 30-45 minute soak. If you thought they hated baths before try talking them into the 3rd long soak of the day when the fever is at its worst and they don’t even want to sit up but I’m convinced the simple ginger bath kept us from the emergency room or worse.

So that’s my simple solution to a potentially very serious problem, stop by and pick up a jar of Rebbecca's Detox or if you're brave mix up a batch for yourself.  

Thanks for reading and stay healthy my friends,

Max - OHS

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